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Under 18 Welfare Arrangement Process


**SCCM Detail policy and procedure for under 18 students is available: Here

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) and Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) I want to apply for a student visa as soon as possible?

SCCM staff will then assess your application, if it meets the requirements your application will be approved and you will be sent the CAAW and CoE. If it does not meet the requirements you will be notified. SCCM take under 18 arrangements as a serious matter so you will not receive CAAW and CoE until SCCM is satisfied with your Care Arrangements.

What do I need to do as an under 18 students with a Care Arrangement?

  • Advise SCCM Student Support Services of your arrival details in Sydney by completing the Notice of Arrival Please also include a copy of your flight e-ticket.
  • Book an airport pick up service
  • On arrival in Sydney go directly to your approved accommodation
  • Within 24 hours of arriving in Sydney come to SCCM to register your arrival
  • Register and attend the full day Orientation and Under 18 information session on the orientation day of SCCM
  • Activate your College Portal and your email account that you have provided to SCCM for a regular meeting and welfare follow-ups.
  • Stay at your approved accommodation until turning 18
  • Abide by the rules and conditions at Homestay
  • Let SCCM Student Support Officer know the departure and return dates for any times you will be away from your approved accommodation.
  • Update current contact details – address, email, mobile and home phone number with SCCM as required by student visa conditions
  • Inform SCCM if any emergencies and seek approval if any arrangements required.
  • Once you turn 18, an End of Care Arrangements letter will be provided to you. The letter will advise that you are no longer bound by the arrangements, including residing at prearranged accommodation, attending regular m a meeting with the student support officer, seeking approval for any change of accommodation, care or holiday arrangements and the provision and exchange of personal information. However, as an international student, you must still continue to comply with the conditions of your student visa.